About Us

The first pair was made by hand with needle & thread, and withstood months of testing throughout the Southwest. Ever since, its a been a never-ending labor of love to make the perfect pair of sandals for outdoor recreation: Convertible between flip-flop and sport sandal, Adjustable straps that fit every foot shape, No-Slipping on both the footbed and the tread, Blister-free, Super-Comfortable and durable straps, Durable in all facets, Hand-Made in USA, all rooted in Environmentally-Friendly materials and methods (sustainable, recycled, and upcycled materials).

Toetem sandals were created with the purpose of combining confidence and freedom into a solitary footwear choice. 1) do whatever you need them to, 2) adapt to diverse terrain, 3) fit your foot precisely and comfortably, 4) get you where you want to be without compromise, 5) perform as multi-sport & multi-purpose footwear.

Hiking || Running || Climbing || Bouldering || Trail Running || Camping || Chilling || Fly Fishing || Grilling || Fishing || Travel || Adventure || Anything || Everything

 Simply slide in, or strap in, and embrace all of your outdoor recreation needs. 

The story of Toetem Sandals goes all the way back to 2006, with a patch of black ice, a totaled vehicle, and an irreparably damaged back. The second wreck happened a year later, while still in physical therapy for the first accident. It wasn't until 2015 that Rone started this journey with a book and a pair of minimalist shoes, ditching prescriptions in favor of outdoor recreation. Rone went from a pain-riddled couch-hero to trail running in sandals in one year's time. After finding minimalist running, rock climbing was introduced and quickly became Rone's passion. In 2018, Rone and his wife, Karen, traveled the Southwest for 8 months, experiencing the greatest outdoor recreation in the world: running, hiking, climbing, camping, fly fishing, and more. It was on this trip that Toetem Sandals was born.

The idea for Toetem Sandals struck during an approach to a secret crag outside of Taos, New Mexico...(queue blurry “reflection time” visual effect)...

Imagine a sunny day, confidently hiking to the crag with a loaded pack and a patchwork group of strange climbers. The trail is nice, and mostly flat... until you hit the canyon ridge-line and shit gets real - one misstep and you could become immortalized into a crag name. After a safe descent to the foot of the wall, you're up first on the 5.10 warm-up route. Shoes are laced snug, harness double checked, knot looks good, and you've got a full rack. After the route’s sent, comment that “its cruiser", then your belayer gears up for their turn.

Preparing to belay your partner, you untie your climbing shoes, put your socks on, then put on your approach shoes - WAIT.... SCRATCH THAT, LETS REWIND...

You untie your climbing shoes then slide on your flip-flops - the same ones you scaled down the gorge in! Toetem Sandals. Because you know that less weight is better, that it only takes one good pair of footwear to get the job done. That one pair of kickass sandals do everything a crag-heathen like yourself needs. For the scramble back out of the canyon, you convert your flip-flops back into hiking sandals in just a few seconds.

When everyone convenes at the local bar, you decide to convert your sandals back into flip-flops so you can throw back that cold one in max chill mode. At the end of the day, you have no qualms kicking your sandals off anywhere in the house, because you know that odor and sweat won’t be an issue, and you’ll be ready for tomorrow's adventures.