For A Better Future

NOTE: We may add, remove, or change which non-profits we support at any time
From the beginning of this project, every design component and material had to meet certain criteria. First, each material must possess at least of the following characteristics: sustainable, upcycle, recycle, responsibly sourced, environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly. Second, the sandals must be designed in a way to allow them to be handmade and repaired. Handmade means increased costs and time, but it also allows for a quality, crafted good with direct oversight of byproducts, waste, and resource use efficiency. Third, durability and quality are indirectly a form of sustainability and environmental responsibility. It costs resources to make the raw materials, ship them to us, and then also for us to produce the products and then ship them to you. Sending our customers a poor product would be an irresponsible use of those materials and resources that went into the product.
Non-Profits We Support
As part of Toetem Sandals' initiative to be responsible, we give back to hand-picked and vetted organizations that we believe in.* Once the business launches into the post-crowdfunding stage, we plan to give to the following organizations:
1% For the Planet
1% to Access Fund
*Note: Non-profit participation will begin January 1st, 2021