Sole Stack Info

Choose Your Sole!

Below we created a general guide for the Sole Stack that may be best suited for your activity. These are general recommendations based on our experiences being Sandal People. If you are an initiated minimalist, please disregard these recommendations as you (hopefully) already know what works for you!

Every sole stack is lightweight, especially in comparison to traditional footwear. We only useĀ VibramĀ® products.*

Kickstarter will Feature Minimalist Model and Wanderer Model, ranging from 6mm to 14mm stack height.

Not all Models are available in all Sole Stacks. See product pages for specific options.

15mm Sole: New to Minimalist Sandals for Outdoor Recreation, Backpacking, Hiking with a Heavy pack for Extended Miles, Your Minimalist Running Form is a Work-in-Progress. Not as stiff as you'd think once you wear them a few times. Or, if you just like thicker, cushioned footwear.

Note: For SERIOUS terrain with sharp, jagged features we recommend our Approach Model in a 15mm stack. It features a dual-density midsole for rock protection, rigidity, and some cushion, allowing quick agile movement on the toughest terrain. TheĀ VibramĀ® Approach rubber is the stickiest tread around, the standard also used on military, and professional-grade hiking boots.

12mm Sole:Ā General, All-Around use for Outdoor Recreation. Trail Running on sharp, jagged terrain. This stack height is the go-anywhere, do-anything sandal. It balances ground-feel with the ability to tackle all but the most heinous terrain.

11.5mm Sole: Offered only on our Approach Model, this will be the minimalist version of the Approach Sandals. Recommended for the Rock Climbing and Bouldering crowd who see short approaches over technical terrain. Stay nimble and attached to the ground! For extended approaches, we highly recommend the 15mm stack.

11mm Sole:Ā Present on Some iterations of our Limited Editions. This stack will have a leather footbed.

10mm Sole: Our thinnestĀ iteration of our All-Around Sandals. For the Minimalist initiated who still want the go-anywhere performance and protection, but with a healthy dose of ground feel and flexibility. The thinnest of our cushioned sandals.

8mm Sole: The thickest of our Super-Minimalist lineup options. If you are an experienced minimalist, this stack will feature our best-in-industry No-Slip footbed paired with a VibramĀ® outsole. No midsole or cushion.

6mm Sole: Minimalist Model (future product). Absolute flexibility and ground feel in our thinnest design. We recommend this model for Ultra-Minimalists seeking for a barefoot-like feel. The initiated will enjoy these for trail running on mild terrain and day-hikes with a light or no pack.


*if supply becomes an issue, such as during the Covid-19 situation, we may have to substitute other midsole materials. However, every product will have aĀ VibramĀ® outsole.