Excellent control and confidence when ascending and descending while hiking

J. Adams @propel.forward

They are very well made and I love the material!

Alexandra G.

It’s one of those things I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. They’re friggin' perfect, they’re the sturdiest sandals I’ve ever worn too!

Jacob W. @j.koob_

I'm someone who loves to wear flip-flops 24/7, 365. I've been wearing my Toetem's all day since I got them! Being able to convert my flip-flops to a sandal as needed means I can go shopping, run errands, and exercise with the baby without worrying about my shoes!

Ashley P.

The perfect footwear option for travel. They allow me to pack fewer pairs of shoes when traveling without limiting what I can squeeze into a trip - hiking, trail running, grabbing a workout, exploring the city, or just hanging out; the perfect shoes for everything I want out of a trip.

Austin Stubbs | WhiskeyStitched @whiskeystitched

They're so freakin’ plush and comfy! I'll never go back to the old clunky sandals!

Karen T.

They allow my feet to feel unrestricted but be protected at the same time. I’ve experimented with almost every sandal brand and I finally found my forever home! They are miles apart from competitors and forging a new path for the industry!

Chad Keel | Nature Reconnection @mr.chadkeel

I’ve been wearing my Toetems since I got ‘em. I’m still getting used to how light they are! I’ve never worn a pair of shoes or sandals this light before!!

Danny V.

They fit like a glove and fit my needs throughout the ebbs and flows of life.

Joseph L. Bob Ross of the Outdoors

In flip-flop mode I don't have to press my toes down to keep them on. I just adjust the straps and they hug my foot perfectly - they're the best pair of flip-flops I've ever had.

Jake P. @jpack89



100% Adjustable Straps

NO Plastic/Metal Buckles



Convertible: Sport Sandals & Flip-Flops

100% Adjustable Straps

NO Plastic/Metal Buckles



100% Adjustable Straps

Casual Sandals with Stylish Straps