SOLD OUT until Spring 2024

2024 Toetem Sandals will feature all-new components: new sole shapes and dimensions, half sizes will be offered, strap systems evolved, Made in USA with US-sourced components. We're out to make the best outdoor sandals available - join us to be part of that experience in March 2024

Be Impeccable

DITCH the buckles. ABANDON petroleum webbing straps. EMBRACE the Next Generation of ADVENTURE Sandals

SANDAL HARD: Support American Craftsmanship | Handmade in USA 🇺🇸

All Components Made In-House at our Humble Sandal Shop

  • Mountain-to-Town


    Men's and Women's Adventure Sandals and Flip Flops

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  • Buckle-Free

    ADIÓS Plastic Buckles - We Made them Obsolete

    3 Strap Systems 
  • Footbed Options

    • Hemp No-Slip for All-Around Adventure
    • Earth Leather for Style and Comfort
    • ALPHA Organic Leather for the Best of Performance, Comfort, and Style
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  • 100% Adjustable

    Adjust on-the-fly with Your Sandals On! All of our strap systems only take a few seconds to adjust

    Custom Fit 
  • Sandals for the People!

    Made with love by sandal folk, for sandal folk. Hiking Sandals, Running Sandals, Water Sandals - we got you covered ❤️

    Go Be Great 
  • Modular Design

    Easily Replace or Swap Components Yourself. Straps. Side-Posts. Soles.

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BlackBear Model

Supremely capable Hiking Sandals designed to be put to work - intense activities over extreme terrain. Maintain foot security and performance mile after mile - sprint through the gnarliest trails out there with precision

Level up by going with the ALPHA footbed

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JackRabbit Model

Simple Strap System with a focus on Style and Comfort. Outdoor sandals that allow the heel strap to flip forward so that you can slide them on/off. Great for casual hiking and all-around use

Shown with Hemp Shadow footbed

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Coyote Model

Barefoot Flip Flops are Here! Adventure Sandals that Convert to Flip-Flops -- a day out hiking turns into chilling around camp with one pair of sandals

Shown with Earth footbed

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Toetem Sandals are Next-Gen


Performance Sandals

Hiking Sandals Demand Fit, Function, and Durability - the three pillars of Toetems. With VIBRAM® Outsoles on Every Pair, our Adventure Sandals make you limitless

  • Barefoot 8mm Vibram Newflex (made in Italy)
  • All-Terrain 13mm: 6.5mm Vibram Utility Outsole + 6.5mm Midsole (both made in USA)
  • Coyote's feature 8mm Vibram Morflex for all-around use

Endure Strap Material

  • Buckle-Free and 100% Adjustable
  • Plush Comfort and Elite Performance
  • Extraordinary in Wet Conditions
  • Water Shoes? No need

Sandal Hard

  • Easily Dial-In the Optimum Fit
  • Adjusting or Converting takes Seconds
  • Bomber Fit: Secures Foot for High-Exertion Activities and Water Use

Move Naturally

  • Barefoot Style for Bio-Mechanically Correct Movement
  • Let Your Toes Splay!
  • Natural Footbed Materials (Organic Leather and Hemp)
  • Strap Material Made with Plant-Based Raw Materials
  • Performance Running Sandals
  • Comfortable Walking Sandals

HandMade in USA

Every Pair of Toetems is HandMade in the USA. We manufacture all of our components in-house - no outsourcing!