Impeccable 1-Year Warranty

impeccable warranty

Toetem Adventure Sandals include a 1-Year Warranty*

If a component fails to function, we will provide repair(s) or replace the component - within 1 year from purchase date. Sandal Hard!

Adventure Sandals include models with the Barefoot Sole, Adventure Sole, or All-Terrain Sole. Casual Models with the Vibram Morflex outsole are not covered under our Impeccable Warranty. If you have an issue just reach out to us - we'll do our best to help you out.

*Excludes wear and tear. We reserve the right to determine what is and is not a valid warranty claim. Warranty is for original purchaser only. Valid on 2023 and up BlackBear and JackRabbit sandals with Barefoot, Adventure, or All-Terrain soles. Coyote sandals and JackRabbit Vibe sandals with the Vibram Morflex Sole are not eligible for the warranty. Shipping charges may or may not be covered, at our discretion. International warranty claims will be subject to shipping cost in addition to any local VAT. Terms subject to change at any time without notice.