About Us

Toetem Sandals is a family business. Karen and Rone are full-time RV'ers (since 2017) based out of Fort Worth, TX. Our love for the outdoors and barefoot shoes led to the creation of Toetem Sandals. We are climbers, hikers, backpackers, and anything-outside-ers.

The first pair of Toetems was made by hand with needle & thread. Ever since, its a been a never-ending labor of love to make the best sandals for outdoor recreation.

As of today, we have 3 Different Models

Our designs must meet certain criteria:

  • adjustable straps that fit every foot shape
  • blister-free, super comfortable, and durable straps
  • high performance without sacrificing comfort and style
  • durability in all facets
  • Hand-Made in USA - no outsourcing if at all possible 
  • materials rooted in environmental sustainability

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