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Improve Happiness in 10 Minutes

Life can be a mofo! It can get you down, keep you down, and relentlessly remind you of your failures and shortcomings. When that pattern transpires over time, it can lead to detrimental health effects that can bring even the strongest person to their knees - I’ve been there myself. In fact, I started my adult life already in that bucket of despair.
Below I’ll outline one of the tools I used to set myself on the right path. I passed this on to others - its a low commitment with high returns - the ideal tool for someone who needs some wins in their day. If you can get from the couch to the refrigerator, this tool can work for you as well. It will reintroduce a sense of fulfillment into your life, along with a sense of progression. All you will need is a timer or stopwatch - no equipment, apps, or anything else.

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We asked ChatGPT: What does a hero do?
Answer: A hero is someone who is admired and respected for their courage, nobility, and strength of character. They often display qualities such as selflessness and bravery by standing up for what is right, protecting the vulnerable, and helping those in need. Heroes can come in many forms, whether they are everyday people or larger-than-life figures

Be a hero to yourself - not the hero you deserve, but the one you need

Pick a 10-minute window out of your day - anytime works for now. When possible, begin to use the same time of day - you are wiring yourself to automatically create energy. One day you'll suddenly realize how good you feel when approaching that window. If you miss the window, no sweat, get your 10-minutes in!

This is the 10MIN.Hero Practice

NOW - what are you doing in that 10 Minute window? You’re going to be a hero, and you can’t be a hero without trying hard. Try hard for just 10 minutes today. Then do it again tomorrow. Tired today? That’s great - do it anyway. Really not feeling it right now? That’s great - do it anyway.

The 10MIN.Hero system combines biomechanical triggers with a daily practice of discipline and self-accountability. Do you lie to yourself? That’s great - welcome the 10-MIN.Hero into your life to get that shit out of your system. Do you make excuses and procrastinate when you don’t want to do something? That’s great - be a hero for 10 min.

Heroes always win

You can build out the 10-MIN.Hero system to accommodate you. When you first begin this program if you like pushups then do them, if you like jumping jacks then do them. Mold that 10- minute window to include things you’re good at when you first start out. You can increase the intensity or change the movements altogether as you progress.


Daily Exercise is of vital importance, contributing to the regulation many components of our bodies

          • maintain a healthy weight
          • boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, both of which are important for a happy life
          • have more energy
          • improve their mood
          • help prevent health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes
          • helps the body use food more efficiently
          • feel more energetic
          • get a good night’s sleep (feel more energetic during the day)
          • improve people’s moods
          • relieve stress and anxiety


When people are active, their body produces endorphins and serotonin that make people feel happy and energetic.


These protocols are merely suggestions. Feel free to craft one that works for you. If pushups are difficult, then pivot to another exercise until pushups are accessible to you.

Do activity that interests you. If it appeals to you - go to an empty field and throw a ball as far as you can, then go chase it down

IMPORTANT: Give yourself a challenge that interests you so that you are looking forward to the day with eagerness and anticipation.
REMEMBER: It’s Only 10 Minutes
Daily Discipline — Physical Effort — Mental Battle
Self-Integrity — Overcoming Doubt & Apathy


EXAMPLE PROTOCOLS (choose the order that works for you):


          • 10 Burpees
          • 20 Jumping Jacks
          • 30 Pushups
          • 30 Situps
          • 20 Squats


          • 20 Burpees
          • 40 Jumping Jacks
          • 50 Pushups
          • 50 Situps
          • 40 Squats

ADVANCED (no breaks)

          • 20 Pull-Ups
          • 30 Burpees
          • 40 Jumping Jacks
          • 80 Pushups
          • 80 Situps
          • 60 Squats
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